The Church Council made the decision on March 17 to suspend all Grace UMC activities, including worship services, team meetings, and small groups until further notice.  The staff will continue to work at the church and can be contacted by phone or e-mail.  The church phone number is (217) 429-5374, and Pastor Sig Bjorklund’s e-mail address is sig@decaturgrace.org. Pastor Beth McLaughlin’s e-mail address is beth@decaturgrace.org. Please don’t hesitate to call us or e-mail us if you need anything. The office hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday through Thursday.  


Further information is in the April Grace Notes, our church website, and Facebook page.  We’ll be recording Scripture and devotional videos for your viewing on our website or Facebook page in the coming days and weeks as we wait for this virus to pass.  


Please don’t forget about the financial needs of the church during this time.  You can send your gifts by the USPS, from automatic payments through your bank, or by giving on-line.  On-line instructions are posted on our website and Facebook page. Call Shane Whitaker in the church office if you need help setting up on-line giving.    


This is a daunting time for all of us, but also an opportunity for us as followers of Jesus to rely upon Him more fully, to have plenty of time to read the Word and pray, and to be witnesses to our neighbors of the love of Christ that moves us from fear to faith.  Let’s all pray that God will bring some really good things out of these bleak and challenging days.


We will gather again after the CDC and our governor let us know that it’s safe to meet.  What a day of rejoicing that will be!